Utils/SWStats.h File Reference

#include <SpriteWorld.h>


struct  StatsStruct
 This structure is used for each stats box to tell the digit-drawing routines where to draw the numbers, and what number to draw. More...


typedef struct StatsStructStatsStructPtr


enum  JustifyType { kRightJustify = 0, kLeftJustify }


SpritePtr CreateStatsSpriteClone (SpritePtr masterSpriteP, short numDigits, JustifyType justification, int fillWithZeros)
SWError SetUpStatsSprite (SpritePtr statsSpriteP, SpriteLayerPtr dstSpriteLayer, DrawProcPtr drawProcP, short horizLoc, short vertLoc, long theNum)
void SetStatsSpriteDrawProc (SpritePtr srcSpriteP, DrawProcPtr drawProc)
void SetStatsSpriteNumber (SpritePtr srcSpriteP, long newNumber)
long GetStatsSpriteNumber (SpritePtr srcSpriteP)
void StatsItemDrawProc (FramePtr srcFrameP, FramePtr dstFrameP, SWRect *srcRectP, SWRect *dstRectP)
short GetNumberLength (long theNum)

Detailed Description

Typedef Documentation

typedef struct StatsStruct * StatsStructPtr

Enumeration Type Documentation

enum JustifyType


Function Documentation

SpritePtr CreateStatsSpriteClone SpritePtr  masterSpriteP,
short  numDigits,
JustifyType  justification,
int  fillWithZeros

short GetNumberLength long  theNum  ) 

long GetStatsSpriteNumber SpritePtr  srcSpriteP  ) 

void SetStatsSpriteDrawProc SpritePtr  srcSpriteP,
DrawProcPtr  drawProc

void SetStatsSpriteNumber SpritePtr  srcSpriteP,
long  newNumber

SWError SetUpStatsSprite SpritePtr  statsSpriteP,
SpriteLayerPtr  dstSpriteLayer,
DrawProcPtr  drawProcP,
short  horizLoc,
short  vertLoc,
long  theNum

void StatsItemDrawProc FramePtr  srcFrameP,
FramePtr  dstFrameP,
SWRect srcRectP,
SWRect dstRectP

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