SpriteWorld X Class List

Here are the classes, structs, unions and interfaces with brief descriptions:
DrawDataRecDraw data structure
FrameRecFrame data structure
Particle(single pixel) particle struct
SpriteLayerRecSprite layer data structure
SpriteRecSprite data structure
SpriteWorldRecSprite world data structure
StatsStructThis structure is used for each stats box to tell the digit-drawing routines where to draw the numbers, and what number to draw
SWPointPoint (h,v)
SWRectRect (l,t,r,b)
SWRGBColorColor (r,g,b)
TErrorCLASS TError, wrapping SWError
TFrameCLASS TFrame, wrapping FramePtr
TileMapStructDefines a map of tiles
TSpriteCLASS TSprite, wrapping SpritePtr
TSpriteLayerCLASS TSpriteLayer, wrapping SpriteLayerPtr
TSpriteWorldCLASS TSpriteWorld, wrapping SpriteWorldPtr
TSpriteWorldScrollingCLASS TSpriteWorldScrolling, wrapping SpriteWorldPtr (scrolling)
TSpriteWorldTilingCLASS TSpriteWorldTiling, wrapping SpriteWorldPtr (tiling)
TTileMapCLASS TTileMap, wrapping TileMapStructPtr
UpdateRectStructDelta update rect

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