SpriteWorld X


SpriteWorld is a game SDK for Macintosh written in C. The goal of this project (SpriteWorld X) is to create a cross-platform version of SpriteWorld which sits on top of SDL and OpenGL/OpenAL.


- Windows 2k/XP
- Windows 9x/ME
- Mac OS X
- Mac OS 9
- GNU/Linux
- FreeBSD


- zlib/libpng license

SpriteWorld is Open Source and is free of charge to use.


- SDL_image
- SDL_ttf
- OpenGL
- SDL_sound
- SDL_mixer
- OpenAL

SDL Powered

What is SpriteWorld ?

For years, SpriteWorld has been a popular, simple, and powerful game development SDK on the Macintosh. It's elegant design, and powerful features have made it a relatively simple task for even a novice C programmer to start programming fast, high quality, 2D games.

SpriteWorld's features include (among others):
- Support for Sprite based animation (of course :)
- Simple implementation of large scrolling and non scrolling backgrounds.
- A powerful, multi-layered, tiling engine.
- Open Source, under the zlib/libpng license

With SpriteWorld, programmers are able to to implement nearly any type of 2D game imaginable, with much of the difficulty removed. For more information on the original library please refer to spriteworld.sf.net.

What is SpriteWorld X ?

SpriteWorld X is an effort by several members of the Macintosh SpriteWorld community to create a cross-platform version of SpriteWorld, by rewriting it to sit atop SDL and GL/AL.

SDL (Simple Direct Media Layer) is a free, low level, and cross-platform, graphics library which runs on nearly any architecture imaginable. OpenGL is used to speed up the animation using the 3D graphics hardware, if possible. OpenAL is used for hardware sound effects, if available.

Our goals are to provide a simple, powerful, and usable game development SDK which is available to everyone, regardless of computer platform, while retaining the original SpriteWorld design. This will make porting existing, and in progress, SpriteWorld projects, between platforms a trivial task.

Where is SpriteWorld X ?

The official SpriteWorld X development site can be found here: http://sourceforge.net/projects/spriteworldx/